Carolina Basset Hound Rescue( CBHR) is a volunteer-staffed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted basset hounds in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Founded in 1993 in Raleigh, North Carolina, CBHR has grown from a handful of determined volunteers to a thriving organization with a network of volunteers across two states and a budget of $150,000. More than 2500 stray, unwanted, neglected, and abandoned basset hounds have been rescued and rehomed over the past 25 years.

CBHR is focused on eliminating needless euthanasia of basset hounds. Regardless of how a basset ends up in a shelter, whether having been dumped by an uncaring owner or picked up as a stray, we believe each deserves a chance for a healthy life in a loving home. We have expanded our program to accept bassets that owners no longer want or are unable to care for.

All bassets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for heartworm disease if needed, and given a clean bill of health before being cleared for adoption. They stay in foster homes to facilitate emotional healing, address medical needs, manage behavioral issues, promote socialization and create an environment of love and safety for the dogs. Potential adopters are screened with a veterinary reference and a home visit. The goal is to match each of our bassets with a loving, forever home.

Based out of Greenville, SC, k9.5 Rescue is a foster home based rescue and sanctuary dedicated to helping Great Pyrenees, other giant breeds, senior and special needs canines. With a focus on helping those most often overlooked in shelters due to size, age or need, we provide the animals with medical, physical, behavioral, and emotional support. From extreme fears to grey muzzles, and wheelchairs to 100lbs plus, k9.5 Rescue is committed to proving that all dogs deserve a chance.


k9.5 is committed to saving and protecting animals facing euthanasia, abandonment, disaster, or life as a stray so that we can place them in dedicated, caring homes for the remainder of their lives.  As a rescue we are devoted to granting proper and complete veterinary, behavioral and emotional support in order to give the animals the protection and care that they deserve.  We offer a chance for animals most often ignored due to size, breed, health, age or appearance, promoting more awareness of the variety of animals in need, while providing the animals with a renewed life.  With love, commitment, and public education, we strive to end overpopulation, as well as end unacceptable care or abuse in the lives of animals.



Paved Paws

Paved Paws Animal League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-based organization. Located in Greenville, South Carolina, who face a very high population of unwanted animals surrendered into high-kill shelters.

Their mission is to provide medical attention, food, shelter, transportation, and forever homes for unwanted and shelter-bound animals. They also provide members of the community with financial, medical, and supply assistance to help retain their pets, without adding to the overcrowded shelters. 




Pet Tender Angels is a Dog Rescue, Rehabilitation and Sanctuary in South Carolina


Founder, Lori Jewell, founded Pet Tender Angels over 2 decades ago on the philosophy that all living creatures deserve a chance to have a good life. They provide a place where dogs in need can find sanctuary, shelter and rehabilitation with the ultimate goal of being adopted by a loving family